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Mastering Emotionally Intelligent Interactions at Work and in Life

Foreword by David M.R. Covey

“…a relationship building book every entrepreneur should read.”


How well do you handle emotionally charged, high-stakes conversations?

Take the Interpersonal Dialogue Profile™ assessment and find out!

Let’s face it. Many of us are not the best communicators when under pressure.

The ability to communicate effectively and authentically has become a lost art.

Think about a time when you were involved in a high-stakes conversation. Did you go into fight or flight mode…or perhaps you tried to avoid the conversation at all cost?

The fact is, that a lack of emotional self-management during high-stakes conversations can lead to damaged relationships and career setbacks.

The association between emotional regulation and effective leadership behavior has been well established in scientific literature. When you are emotionally “hijacked” or in a particularly emotional state, there are serious disturbances in the way you process information and the way you retain it. During a high stakes conversation, you are often operating out of the part of the brain called the amygdala — the fight or flight center — which is not conducive to a calm exchange or constructive outcome.

The inability to effectively handle high-stakes conversations costs organizations an enormous amount of time and money.

By our basic nature, most people have difficulty handling emotionally charged conversations. Our capacity to manage emotions, resolve conflict, and create meaningful alignment with others is not innate — it must be learned. We have been rewarded for results, not emotional intelligence.

“What sets Meaningful Alignment apart from other programs is not only a pragmatic approach to achieving alignment with others, but also the tangible methods employed to increase physical and emotional fortitude to maintain composure when engaging in high-stakes dialogue. I highly recommend Susan and Robert’s program and process.”

-- David M.R. Covey


“Meaningful Alignment addresses both sides of the equation. Grounded in a commitment to forging relationships through dialogue-based methods of managing and resolving conflict, MA goes one step further, offering a balanced complement (or counterpart) of insightful techniques for cultivating resiliency. This is the best content I have seen in years.”

-- Stephan M. Mardyks

Founder of

Ocean Water

What is worse than having a high-stakes conversation?
Avoiding one.

A lack of alignment creates problems in the workplace, such as:

— Avoidant and reactive management culture

— Team members not receiving crucial, timely feedback

— Teams and individuals not being held accountable

— Fewer innovative, creative and collaborative behaviors

— Teams not equipped to resolve issues and solve problems (low autonomy)

It’s not about who wins or loses; it is about coming to alignment with one another.

The Meaningful Alignment program was created to help individuals and teams learn how to communicate extraordinarily well — and successfully build high levels of trust.

Our research is focused on a concept we call the “Inside Game.” The Inside Game refers to how our beliefs, perceptions, and social behaviors are formed from unique emotional response patterns and coping mechanisms.

Meaningful Alignment teaches leaders how to model equanimity and be a source of reassurance and confidence – particularly during tumultuous times.

Our workshops and keynote presentations offer a unique set of tools and assessments that help you express emotion in a way that will inspire team members through empathy, respect, compassion, and perhaps most importantly, how to offer timely, candid, and courageous feedback.

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